Decorative Patio's and Walkways in El Paso, TX

Elements like patios and walkways add necessary textural touches and provide a way for you and your visitors to enjoy your landscape and outdoor living space. Our landscapers have experience in working with many different kinds of materials like stone, concrete and decking to create a patio or walkway that fits with your lifestyle, budget and personal style. We have a team of construction workers who are experts in landscape construction, so you can be sure that the quality will not be compromised.
Hardscapes are elements of your landscaping design that are not plants. This includes materials like stone, river rocks, wood, concrete, seating and other hard materials. It is important to incorporate hard materials into your landscape in order to balance out the softness of your plant life and add earthy, functional elements as well as decorative features. Often, patios and walkways can be both functional and decorative. There are many ways to dress up a patio with stamps, stencils and stains as well as pouring it into interesting shapes that work with your living space. Walkways provide a great way for you and your guests to experience your landscape to the fullest.
A landscape design can quickly turn into a full-blown construction project. Sometimes, it will be necessary to build structures or use materials and machinery that is often used in construction so that you can achieve the atmosphere and look that you want. Even with semi-permanent installations, construction projects can play a major role in the overall appearance of your landscape. Often, when a landscape turns into a construction project, the major concern that homeowners have is the price tag. Luckily, the scope of this kind of landscape overhaul typically ends up producing great returns for homeowners in the long run.
Landscape Construction
Landscape construction can be anything from adding stones in a walkway to full blown concrete pouring and erecting of structures. Our team has experience with many different landscaping construction projects and can help you come up with some great ideas for what can work with your outdoor landscape. When you choose El Paso Landscape and Design for your next landscaping construction project, know that you are getting professional certified workers who are trained to use the materials and machines that it takes to create your landscaping project.
Patios and Walkways
We love helping our customers choose materials, shapes and designs for their unique patios and walkways. Adding a patio or walkway is a great way to enhance your space and add a functional aspect to the aesthetics of your design. Our team can help you choose from hundreds of options of materials and shapes in order to create a unique look.