Masonry - El Paso, TX

Masonry design is a great way to incorporate an earthy element that is heavy enough to balance out the lightness of some landscaping designs. Masonry is a learned skill that is developed over time through education and mentorship. As a part of our landscaping team, we have a great set of stone masons who are highly qualified to create masonry projects for your landscape or outdoor living space. Masonry is an art and a skilled technique, so when you want this kind of work done at your home, it is important to choose a company that only hires professional stone masons. El Paso Landscaping & Design has long worked with stone masons in order to bring in heavier elements.
Adding decorative stone steps is a great way to add a touch of romance and design to your landscape. Steps draw the eye and provide movement in the design. This creates an interesting perspective for anyone who comes to see your outdoor living space. Steps made from stone are incredibly sturdy and very functional. Steps can be added to an existing landscape or incorporated into a new landscape design. It is fairly easy to incorporate this element and is a feature that is often sought after especially in terraces or graded yards. This is because it also provides a safe way to travel through the garden.
Half walls and walls surrounding gardens can be made out of stone by our professional stone masons. Half walls are a great option when you want to break up the space in your landscape or designate a certain area for a certain aesthetic or activity. Walls can also be effective at closing in gardens and other plant areas so that weeds or roots do not cross over as easily from one area to another. Terraced and graded yards can often benefit from stone walls. The benefit comes from the fact that the wall can prevent the ground from washing out or shifting, maintain the look of the garden and terrace for a longer period of time.
Stone masonry is also a great way to create dynamic seating within a landscape design. Stone seating is gorgeous and functional. The practicality of stone is one the main draws toward this timeless element. Having a space for seating and the enjoyment of your outdoor living space can be made more integrated with stone masonry.
Focal Points
The great thing about masonry is that it really is eye catching and can create an interesting focal point in any landscape. Having focal points helps to break up the space and to also draw the eye from one area to another systematically.