Irrigation & Sprinklers - El Paso, TX

Maintaining your yard is important because it gives you a sense of pride and ownership. So why wouldn’t you take the same care of your new or existing sprinkler system. Our team is skilled at repairing and mitigating common irrigation and sprinkler issues. There is a lot that goes into maintaining a sprinkler system, and we can break it down and make it simple.
Water Usage
Water pressure can be unnecessarily used when you are first building an irrigation system. Our professional landscapers are certified in working with all kinds of irrigation systems and sprinklers and can help to determine the best way to utilize water effectively in your landscaping system. By manipulating the water and the water pressure, we can make sure that it works to the advantage of the entire system, and your water bill. There are a lot of parts and pieces that go into creating the most effective system possible, and we can help you every step of the way.
When water starts flowing through your system, the system will begin to lose pressure. Ensuring that proper pressure is distributed throughout the system is the main part of the design process. It is also important that the zones are calculated properly. Some plants will need more or less water at different times of the day, and having your sprinklers zoned properly can make all the difference in the appearance of your landscape for a longer period of time. The sizes and lengths of the pipes and sprinkler heads will also play a big part in the design and functionality of your irrigation system. You can trust our certified landscapers to help you develop and install a sprinkler system that is designed specifically for your landscape needs.
Sprinkler Repair
Irrigation systems are not perfect, and there are common issues that will often need to be resolved over time. When you are in need of a sprinkler repair due to a broken or faulty head, lessened pressure, or too much pressure, our landscaping experts can help. Sometimes even a root can be the cause of sprinkler damage.
One of our experienced installers will go over the basic controls of the sprinkler system. Most systems will have several things in common. The start time is when valves will spray on the assigned zones of the sprinkler zone. The time allotted for each zone is set within the system. But there are manually controls as well that you can operate if a specific zone needs some extra moisture. You can also have it set to semi auto which will allow it to still go on at the set time as well as along you to control the zones and valves as well.